Price Security

Are you hesitant when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies because of their volatility? Alloy Reserve protects AlloyCoin users from losses by implementing a price floor. It's like insurance to minimize losses without limiting gains.

Passive Returns

Wouldn't it be nice to gain returns just by owning a cryptocurrency? Alloy Reserve passes its earnings on to AlloyCoin users by paying users in times of growth. All you need to earn AlloyCoin is a wallet with AlloyCoin and Alloy Reserve does the rest for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Do you think an artificially intelligent cryptocurrency sounds promising? Alloy Reserve's long term plan is to become fully autonomous through a multi agent system utilizing machine learning to balance price security while maximizing passive returns for users.


The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has obvious and distinct advantages, but also brings about problematic effects. Because of market speculation, the valuation for cryptocurrencies constantly fluctuates making the price of traditional cryptocurrencies a strict function of supply and demand. Flash market crashes, extreme inflation and deflation, and acute daily price swings (30% or more), are normal occurrences in cryptocurrency markets. Thus, mass adoption of traditional cryptocurrency, both as a primary method of payment and investable asset, is bounded. A substantial innovation must occur to break the current paradigm.


AlloyCoin is the first hybrid-cryptocurrency designed to work alongside a Reserve that establishes a minimum value for each AlloyCoin by maintaining a supply of cryptocurrency assets (with plans to expand to index funds). If the market price drops below this minimum value, Alloy Reserve liquidates some of the assets it holds and offers to buy back AlloyCoins from its users at a fair price. In this way, Alloy Reserve prevents market prices from collapsing to 0 and enforces a price floor thereby giving AlloyCoin users a level of security no other cryptocurrency can offer. A cryptocurrency with a price floor is like having an insurance policy against volatility designed to protect investors from losses.


If AlloyCoins had a perfectly stable price, what incentive would investors have in buying AlloyCoins? In other words, how can security be introduced without limiting positive gains? To answer these questions, we must understand that AlloyCoins have two prices. Alloy Reserve sets a lower bound value for the price of AlloyCoins, while market demand determines an upper bound value. These prices are referred to as the base-price and the market price respectively. The market price grows when demand, interest and adoption of AlloyCoins grow. The base-price grows when Alloy Reserve’s pool of assets and investments earn interest. In this way, AlloyCoin can provide both growth and security by maintaining a healthy market price supported by the security of a baseprice. While other currencies are valued by speculation, AlloyCoin has value by design.

AlloyCoin's Implementation


Mining operates similarly to traditional cryptocurrencies with one major difference being that a percentage of mined AlloyCoins are transferred automatically to Alloy Reserve to be handled by the Reserve's artificial intelligence and finance team.


Alloy Reserve sells AlloyCoins that it collects from mining and its finance team aided by the Reserve's artificial intelligence invests the proceeds in a variety of other cryptocurrencies (with plans to include index funds). If the price of any single cryptocurrency dropped to 0, Alloy Reserve would still hold other assets of value.


This is approximately the total value of Reserve assets divided by the number of AlloyCoins not held by Alloy Reserve. Should market prices for AlloyCoin ever fall below this base-price, Alloy Reserve will offer to buy back any AlloyCoins users wish to sell.

Market Price

The market price will generally remain above the base-price and the difference between the two (base and market) prices can be thought of as the premium paid for the security AlloyCoin provides along with its potential to earn passive returns.

AlloyCoin's Timeline

AlloyCoin's Team

Vahid Eyorokon

A Master's student at Wright State University, Vahid has publications in machine learning and experience with soft computing, case-based reasoning and neural networks.

Dustin Dannenhauer

A published computer scientist with a Ph.D from Lehigh University, Dustin has a strong background in artificial intelligence and is on the cutting edge of autonomy and metacognition.

Zohreh Alavi

As a Ph.D student and published computer scientist, Zohreh has extensive experience with cognitive architechtures, robotics and autonomy.

Ben Obringer

A computer scientist with a bachelors from Ohio State, Ben is a software engineer with experience primarily in server side development.

Chris Allen
Operating Manager

As the CTO and co-founder of RigShare, Chris is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and a software engineer with management experience in startups.

Rob Cressman
Organizational lead

Rob is a trained improviser and crypto-entrepreneur who specializes in team and relationship building within dynamic environments. The COO and co-founder of RigShare, Rob has experience in data analytics, brand building and marketing.

Stephen Silvestre
Brand Developer

A game designer and storyteller by nature, Stephen has extensive experience developing, marketing and effectively conveying complex ideas through the medium of creative and powerful content.

Dean Durback
Financial Analyst

As an analyst for Merrill Lynch's Regulatory Reporting and Currency Trading Control Departments, Dean gained valuable experience with currency trading and later acquired his Series 7 and 66 licenses.

Maryam Tahririha

An analytics professional with experience in global markets. Maryam studied business and French at Ohio University and received her graduate degrees from Group ESC Clermont Ferrand and Heidelberg University.

Rick Maclean

As the CFO, Managing Director and Founder at Culloden Capital Advisory, Rick has a proven record of success developing and implementing strategies and profitable initiatives for major American companies.

Alloy Reserve also thanks team members who have chosen to remain anonymous.
Your work is greatly appreciated - Thank you.

Cryptocurrency With A Price Floor

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